Ventilation Management Plans

One of our staff members is a Ventilation Engineer, holding a current practising certificate under the NSW Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 to perform the annual external audits required on the ventilation arrangements at each coal operation. Please contact us to arrange a pre-audit meeting.  


Dust Explosion Management Plans

A current practising certificate for “Dust explosion control measures auditor” is also held by one staff member. Please contact us if you require such an audit to be done.  

Lead OHS Auditor services

We have Lead OHS Auditor certification (RABQSA) and experience with conducting audits on a range of mine-site management plans including:

  • Inrush Management Plan
  • Outburst Management Plan
  • Strata Management Plan
  • Spontaneous Combustion Management Plan
  • Fire and Explosions Management Plan
  • Emergency Management System

We can also undertake OHS auditing on other management plans as required.