SafetyCulture endorses video analysis software

September 8, 2021
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Provider of mobile safety solutions, Safety Culture, has invested big in world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) video analytics platform Unleash live, to enhance workplace safety.

Launched in 2016 by co-founders Hanno Blankenstein and Jason Grier, Unleash live’s AI-powered, real-time analytics platform, ‘Intelligent Remote Vision’ has analysed over 30 million minutes of footage.

Such data can be taken from any camera source such as drones, CCTV, or even a smartphone for further analysis from a remote location.

The technology has the potential to benefit a range of industries such as mining, infrastructure, transport, and environmental compliance.

“It’s great to see such innovative new thinking in response to old challenges. We recognise the potential of leveraging camera feeds to trigger safer, smarter actions,” said SafetyCulture chief executive officer Luke Anear.

“AI video analytics is an enormously powerful data source for an operations platform like ours, and one that many of our customers can benefit from.”

SafetyCulture has now invested $8 million In Unleash live, as it believes in the ability to change lives through innovation safety-driven technology.

“We’re excited to welcome the combined expertise of SafetyCulture and renowned investor Roger Allen AM, who will drive the continued success of Unleash live and help take us to the next level,” Blankenstein said.

“Remote monitoring and machine learning assisted inspections will remain critical when the pandemic ends because so many organisations have realised there is a significant opportunity to improve how they operate.

“They will continue to apply these learnings and look for new ways to build them into their business.”

Originally posted on Austrlaian Mining 08/09/2021